In this section you will find all the frequently asked questions.

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What are the requirements to rent a vehicle with MASTER Rent a Car?


  • Current driving record

  • ID or passport

  • Credit card

What methods of payment do you accept?


  • Credit / Debit Card

  • Bank transfer / deposit

  • Cash

How long will the reservation guarantee me if I am late in the agreed withdrawal schedule?

MASTER Rent a Car guarantees you the reservation for the period of up to 1 (one) hour after the scheduled time for the withdrawal of the booked car, within the Agency hours.

If I cancel the reservation; Do I have to pay any penalty?

For the reservation that is not canceled at least 72 (seventy two) hours before the scheduled withdrawal time, you will be charged 30% of the total of contracted days.

Can I choose the vehicle among the available ones in the category I need?

The choice of the vehicle is not allowed, it is only reserved and respects the category with the corresponding benefits.

I arrive at the airport and I would like to receive the vehicle when getting off the plane. Is this possible?

Yes of course. You will be waiting for MASTER Rent a Car staff with a sign with your name and surname. It is important that when booking reports provided the airline and flight schedule . In case of flight delay, MASTER Rent a Car may accompany your arrival.

If a loss occurs during the rental. Should I make the relevant report? Is there an extra form to complete?

To guarantee the contracted protections, in case of any loss, it is essential to present the Police Report (if applicable) and complete the Loss Report, available at the MASTER Rent a Car < / strong>

Can I choose different protections during the rental period?

You can choose the following MASTER Rent a Car Protections:


  • Protection of the rented car: Risk coverage, exclusive to the rented car, including accessories, in case of theft, robbery, fire, collision or any other hurt. In this case, the customer will be responsible, regardless of fault, with the payment of mandatory co-participation, up to the limits established in the public rate of MASTER Rent a Car.

  • Extended Protection: Coverage for bodily harm caused to third parties and property damage caused to third-party property, with mandatory exemption, up to the limits.

  • Protection for Additional Drivers: Opting for protection for additional drivers, the contracted coverage is extended to drivers previously authorized and registered in the Rental Agreement of Cars.

    To guarantee the contracted protections, in case of any loss, it is essential to present the Police Report and complete the Loss Report, available at the MASTER Rent a Car .

During a rental, can there be more than one driver? Do I have to pay any extra for this service?

The rented car can be driven by you or other indicated persons, bearing in mind that previously they must be authorized by MASTER Rent a Car in the rental agreement. Simply add them when making the contract.
Additional drivers must be over 21 years of age and have a driver’s license minimum of 2 years.
For each additional driver indicated, MASTER Rent a Car will charge you a daily fee, automatically extending the coverage of contracted risks, according to the rate in force on the date of opening of the rental contract.

What is the policy of the fuel in the rented vehicle?

We check the fuel that the vehicle has at the time of delivery and is registered in the rental agreement. At the time of the return you must deliver it with the same level of fuel that was given to you.

In case it’s not like that, do not worry, you’ll just be charged per tank room.

Ex. We deliver you in vehicle with ¾ of tank and you return with ½ tank, you will be charged only ¼. The amounts for each ¼ of tank will be available in a table in the Agency and will be mentioned by the staff of MASTER Rent a Car when making the rental contract.

How should I proceed in a special situation such as theft, theft or accident?

Theft or theft
In the event of an accident occurring during the rental period, immediately notify the fact to MASTER Rent a Car by calling the available contact numbers and go to the police station more close to register the complaint.

You must present the Police Report within a maximum of 48 hours after what happened and complete the Claim Report in a MASTER Rent a Car agency.

In case of theft, the keys and documents of the car must be returned. And in both situations (theft or robbery) the charging of a fuel tank will be based on its own table.


With some attitudes, you can contribute much more to minimize the consequences of an accident.

Make the communication of the fact to MASTER Rent a Car immediately, presenting the Police Report within a maximum period of 48 hours.

The replacement of the car will be made, without any damage in case of electromechanical default failure, derived from its normal use.

MASTER Rent a Car will not make the replacement of the rented car, in the premises, in case of theft, theft, fire and collision, misappropriation, apprehension by the competent authorities, loss, theft or theft of keys and documents or failure due to improper use of the car.

What happens if during the rental period I commit Traffic Infractions?

For the purposes of accreditation, in the case of traffic violations, at the time of rental, MASTER Rent a Car will file a photocopy of the Drivers License for authorized drivers. the rental contract.

If a traffic violation should occur during the rental period, the name of the person responsible for the rental contract will be presented to the responsible authority, for which MASTER Rent a Car will make directly the payment of the fine.

Subsequently, the fine will be charged to the client, with acréscimo between 10% and 20%, as administrative fees.

For your convenience, the collection of the fine will be made on the credit card, used in the payment of the rent, through signature on file, or by billing.

Who is responsible for cleaning the vehicle?

The car is delivered clean and should be returned. If it is returned with excessive dirt, beyond the normal and reasonable conservation standards, MASTER Rent a Car will charge an additional cleaning fee for the vehicle, according to the conditions foreseen. at the current rate.

How does MASTER Rent a Car proceed in case of loss of documentation or vehicle keys?

Whenever you leave with the vehicle, check if you are carrying the documentation of the car and your personal documentation. In case of loss or loss of documents or the key of the rented car, the replacement of the same will be charged.

Is it possible to pick up the vehicle at an agency and return it somewhere else?

In case of return of cars in a different site of the agency from which it was withdrawn, a return fee will be charged. The values vary according to the city or place where the rent occurred.

Is the border crossing allowed with the rented vehicle?

Yes, you can cross borders between countries with a rental car with previous authorization from MASTER Rent a Car along with the corresponding documentation that you must request in advance to MASTER < / strong> Rent a Car.

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